Thursday, April 21, 2005

We are HOME!

I am sorry it took so long to send an update today, but the short story is that we are now home! Brett was wondering why I sent so many updates from the hospital – I guess I was bored and/or it was a way to pass time instead of trying to remember my Spanish! ;) It also helps to put into words all that I’ve learned, to help me cope and remember.

Well, Jenelle’s fever broke during the night, and all the tests they ran searching for a reason for the fever came out fine! I won’t expand on the difficulty they encountered trying to get a urine sample from Jenelle at midnight last night as you may remember how I’ve had difficulties doing this on my own! We had another long night, but not as bad as our first.

All of our “Keto Education” was finished today and they nurse team said we could go home anytime Jenelle was stable. Her heart rate was still elevated, and her bi-carb level was a little low, but ultimately Dr. Shields and his team decided since there was no infection causing the fever, all the other problems could be managed from home, so we were discharged. We are to see him next week, and then again three weeks after that. Of course, we got released around 1:00, but it took until 3:30 to get us out of there, 4:00 to get on the freeway (just in time for traffic!) and we finally got home and unpacked around 6:00.

So, we are home, Jenelle is on the diet, and she is still having seizures. We need to give all of it more time, but I am confident she is in great hands as Dr. Shields is very concerned about other problems, and is watching her closely, even if from home. I now need to get “organized” and figure out a plan to prepare meals for daycare and school, as well as prepare earthquake supplies for home, school and daycare.

Thank you for the continued prayers. I most likely won’t be giving updates as frequently now that we are home and I have Angels games to distract me! ;) But of course, I’ll continue to keep you posted!

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