Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Letter to JD, written 9/12/2001

My Dearest Jack,

I felt overcome with the need to write this letter to you about the events going on in the world right now. At this time you are only 8 1/2 months old, and oblivious to the horrible tragedy that has happened in our Country. When you get older, you will want to understand and know more about what happened. I feel that maybe in some small way, you sense what has happened as both your Father and I are deeply saddened, stunned, worried and shocked by the events on the east coast. Life is not normal for us right now, and our usual day to day schedule is different. How could you not notice that we feel hurt and at the same time a sense of pride to be Americans?

You were born on the first day of this year. For your Father and me, every day since that day has been a blessing and a joy to live. You amaze us and make us smile everyday. We are truly blessed by your birth. ... This time next week, our country could be at war, even though our enemy is still unknown.

A common thought right now among most parents is "why did I bring children into this world of hate and such terror?" I have not thought that, nor felt one moment of regret for having you this year or during this time of sadness in the world. Having you has changed my life, as well as my values. You are the one true thing that your Father and I created in this world all on our own and out of our love. You give me hope that there is innocence and purity in this world, and hope that there can and will be world peace one day.

Sadly, as you will learn in your lifetime, tragedies like this can and will happen. They may not be an act of terrorism, but sometimes there are events such as an earthquake or storm that will take many lives and move you more than you ever imagined. How we choose to react to such events, make us strong individuals and better persons.

Right now, the future of our Country is uncertain, as we certainly will go to war against this unknown enemy. Know that pride in America is higher than ever. We proudly display our American Flag outside the house and thank God each night for our lives together, for you and for our freedom. I hope that the actions our County will take in these next few days will make you and your generation proud to be Americans in the years to come. You were born into a country of Freedom, and that is our gift to you that you should never sacrifice.

God bless you my son, and God bless America. You are my hope that peace will overcome.

All my love, Mommy