Thursday, June 26, 2014

Photos before updates

I have a lot to update our sweet Jenelle about since my last post in ... gasp .... January!  But first, how about some adorable photos to give you an idea of why I've been so busy?

Grandpa Denny, Grandma Marianne and Mommy traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota in early April to attend the Little League International Congress on behalf of District 30.  We saw snow and warm temperatures and everyone came home with the flu!

Traditional Easter Photo with big brother JD.

These two really love each other!

All the cousins at Easter - so hot they posed in swim suits!

Miss Jenelle had it easy during the egg hunt as she sat next to her basket and the boys ran by to drop eggs in her basket!

Another fun season of Challenger Baseball!

Miss Jenelle is promoted to 6th Grade - Big Girl Middle School here she comes!