Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just a quick update...

Just a quick update to let everyone know we are still surviving! Jenelle continues to show improvement in her awareness as well as with her seizures! A couple of things we have noticed include that Jenelle does not really suck her thumb as much as she used to, and that her complexion is so much better - we are seeing less redness in her face, hands and feet. Something must be better!

We have encountered some problems with Jenelle eating all of her food. Not sure if she really hates the taste of things, or if she is too "ketotic". Sometimes when someone has too many ketones in their body, they do not want to eat. We are going to tweak her diet a little and continue to add more carbs to see if lowering her ketone level helps her appetite. I'm also going to play with different foods to see if that helps as well. So far though, the diet seems to be helping!

Here are some photos I took last week. One photo is from the day before we went to UCLA (we were celebrating Aunt Nicki's birthday - hence the birthday hat on Jenelle) and there is one of Jenelle from this past Sunday. You will see a noticeable difference!

Jenelle before the diet... Posted by Hello

Jenelle's first Keto Meal (1/2 calorie egg nog) Posted by Hello

Jenelle's 2nd Keto Meal (not getting any easier!) Posted by Hello

A typical meal on the Ketogenic Diet for Jenelle (jarred baby food of pureed beef, green beans, mayo & olive oil) Posted by Hello

Jenelle after starting the Diet Posted by Hello

We have our follow up on Thursday, so I'll keep you posted after that. Thanks for the continued prayers.

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