Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jenelle is taking well to the diet, but...

We saw the Neuro team today and Dr. Shields. Jenelle has really taken well to the diet and is tolerating the foods however, her lab results are concerning so we will be here through Friday, and they "hope" to get us out by the weekend. Apparently, Jenelle's bi carb level is still too low for what they were hoping to see, and her cholesterol is too high -and they have no idea why this is because her cholesterol was fine last week. I did speak too soon on the improved seizures, she has had 6 today so far, but still they are no worse than normal, so that is good! She was fairly alert this morning and her alertness is different and encouraging. However, her alertness seems to come and go, so we aren't too sure her body isn't reacting chemically. Better to be safe and stay here a few days more for monitoring than get home and wonder if we need to drive back!

Many of you have emailed me with questions about seizure improvement. We could see improvement very quickly, or it could take as long as 3 months to see if the diet is making a difference. Right now, they have not switched Jenelle's meds over to a "low carb" formula, so she is getting extra carbs that she shouldn't, even though she is in Ketosis (meaning, her body is not burning fat yet, which is the goal.) We'll make that change tonight, and hope it makes a difference.

Thanks for the continued prayers - I'll keep you posted!

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