Friday, September 05, 2014

We survived, but barely! First day of Middle School for Jenelle and other updates

Well, we survived the MRI, the trip and exam at Berkeley, and now, the first day/week of Middle School ... barely. 

Actually, I should have known better.  Jenelle has been out of her routine since August 21 - and she has certainly been trying to communicate that these past few days.  Not a happy girl at all!

Jenelle's first day at her new Middle School was not great.  The poor child was very upset with the new routine and showed it by screaming, crying, biting herself and pulling her hair!  I received a call from her new teacher that afternoon and the school nurse asking for things they could do to make it easier.  My only explanation is that Jenelle was fed up with changes.  I offered ideas to keep her happy, and said we might be in for a rough few days.

When I picked up Jenelle at YMCA, She embraced me with a strong hug and would not let go for at least 5 minutes!  That evening, she was cranky, so I spent some extra cuddle time, and had a heart to heart - explaining to Jenelle that she had a new class, a new school, etc.

Again the next morning, I reminded Jenelle to be patient as her new teacher was getting to know her better.  My talk seemed to help and I got an e-mail stating that Jenelle was happy and finally warming up to her new class.  Whew!

Anyway - here are some photos to enjoy from our crazy end of August!

Mommy and Jenelle snuggles during her MRI

JD and Jenelle on campus at UC Berkeley (note Jenelle's sun glasses after eye dilation)

"I think I want some chips!"

If Mommy won't feed me, I'll feed myself!

First day of school - 6th and 8th Grades 2014!