Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ketogenic Diet - Night 1 - Rough Start!

Well, we had a rough first night and literally woke every hour on the hour. Part of it is the new surroundings (hospital noises and our neighbor's monitor going off ever hour!) the other part is that Jenelle was very hungry. I am sleeping in a chair with another chair to prop my feet, so that didn't help things. I didn't explain the egg nog well - Jenelle was only allowed 2 ounces at a time, so in total, she got 6 ounces over a 6 hour period, and nothing for the rest of the night. Like I said, she did not sleep well and was so frustrated she wouldn't suck her thumb. All that helped was lying on Mommy's chest. We got through it though!

This morning we took our first ketone level and found that Jenelle actually had too many ketones. She had a little vomiting last night as well, and they believe that is from the increase of ketones. Because of this, she got one ounce of cranberry juice, and that did the trick on lowering the ketones. This is surely an exact science. So far, no other problems like low blood sugar, etc.

Brett and I had our first lesson this morning and we're choosing the "easy" course in that part of Jenelle's meals will be supplemented with a formula called "Ketocal", and the rest of her meals will be prepared with jarred baby food. Jenelle is pretty alert right now and enjoying the special time with Mom and Dad. Our next "lesson" is at 1:00, so I have to run. Will try to update when I can this evening. Thanks for the continued prayers!

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