Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ketogenic Diet - Day 3

Jenelle took a turn for the worst today and spiked a fever of 101 and, we're not really sure why! We did a chest x-ray to rule out infection from aspirating food in her lungs, ear infection and UTI. I haven't seen the results of the x-ray, and we're still trying to get urine! Jenelle is lethargic at times, but then very alert in her new "different" alertness we started to notice today (which is good!) I even thought I saw a hint of a smile tonight! All of the teaching for the diet is done, they are just waiting for Jenelle to stabilize before we can get released. They are shooting for Friday, but it may be Sunday. As the Ketogenic Team Nurses said, "At least now we are getting some hands on training on how to handle sickness!" I'm relieved this is happening while she is still here, and not at home being we're an hour away!

All of Jenelle's medications have now been switched to pill form. She really doesn't like the taste of bitter pills, but it is amazing how many carbs are in liquid form. Not that I'm bragging (and those who have known me all my life will know), I've never been on a diet, so all this label reading and weighing of food is very new to me! Its kind of like High School Chemistry all over again!

We have a new roommate tonight. A sweet little 5 year old girl who had surgery today and her parents from Chino Hills. I hadn't mentioned it but our previous roommate was a 16 year old boy going through Chemo. He was very nice and quiet, but liked to watch lots of TV… In Spanish! His parents rarely visited and spoke very little English. I figure if the kid is 16 and going through Chemo alone, he deserves to monopolize the TV - I can deal with it and be the adult! However, it is nice to be able to watch news now in English! I heard there was a new Pope chosen yesterday, but wasn't sure of the details because my Spanish is rusty! ;) Oh well - hopefully we'll get released together with our new roommate!

Thanks for all the prayers - please keep them coming that this infection and fever is nothing serious! I'll keep you posted!

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