Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Memories of School Days

I wanted to briefly share a news article and blog I found on Yahoo this morning, about a Dad who surprised his son's school bus each morning by waving good bye in a different costume each day. The article can be found here, and here is "Peg Leg Dave's" Blog.

This reminded me of my Dad, and how each day for my lunch at school, Dad would draw a cartoon on my lunch bag, or some special message. At first it was embarrassing, but then other kids at school were curious each day and wanted to see what message I had on my bag. Sometimes before Christmas Vacation, Dad would be so creative, he would write the music notes to "Hark the Herald Angels" and the words "Hark the Herald Angels Shout, ___ (insert number of days) till school is out!"

As kids get older, and as I am learning with Jack as he is now a tween, it is harder to find something to connect you. But doing little reminders like this, help keep kids grounded in family. Kids begin to realize that its OK to laugh at yourself, or your family, because laughter is healthy.

I found it very interesting that the Father in this story has a prosthetic leg. I think that those of us with special circumstances (i.e. be it a disabled child or disability of our own) often have to have a sense of humor when dealing with everyday life.

What a wonderful memory for this son, and what a wonderful relationship this family has with one another. Thank you to my Dad, for all the time and effort that went into decorating my sack lunches. I only wish I had saved them all.