Sunday, March 03, 2013

Life is moving right along...

I'm sorry to leave you all hanging.  2013 seems to be keeping pace with 2012, and moving all too quickly.  Here we are in the beginning of March.  Jenelle is doing very well health wise, and very, very well with the Felbatol wean (knock on wood!)  We honestly haven't seen any seizures since Winter break when she was fighting the flu.  It's so wonderful to have some seizures control again.

We have encountered some compliance issues with our School District regarding Jenelle's IEP and program placement.  We have an IEP meeting on March 21.  I truly will never understand why a school district would drop the ball and drag their feet in providing appropriate services for a special needs child as complex as Jenelle.  You can be certain that I've channeled my inner "momma bear" so that I can fight the good fight for Jenelle.  Until the matter is resolved, I will not mention specifics here.  Your prayers of support would be most appreciated. 

In other news, because Jack has moved to a new league to finish his last season at Tustin Western Little League; Brett and I have started a new Challenger Division baseball team there as well.  Opening Day was last Saturday, and we had our second game yesterday.  We have mostly new players to the program registered with this team, and lots of enthusiasm from a very supportive league who is hosting the team at no cost to the special needs families.  Being a part of the Challenger League has always taught me that kids struggle in different ways.  It's wonderful to see them so excited to be a part of a team, and to get to play baseball.  Here are some photos from yesterday's game.

Jenelle enjoying lunch after her game.
JD being Buddy to his friend Lincoln.
That is all for now.  Thank you for the continued positive thought and prayers - please keep them coming for our IEP on March.  I'll keep you posted!