Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Wheelchair Repair

Last Thursday, Jenelle's "brand new" wheelchair broke. It's not as bad as it sounds, but she is unable to use it until it gets fixed... thank goodness we still have her old one. OK, let's see who knows what an "abductor" is? Anyone? Well, and abductor is the little strap that is the "fifth point" of a 5 point harness (i.e. between the crotch.)

So, we're talking the strap that keeps Jenelle from sliding out of her seat belt in her chair came apart. Yes, somewhat minor, but important if you know our Jenelle. In all honesty, it didn't look like it was sewn in all that well when I got it, so it didn't surprise me.

Yesterday morning, I met with a repair guy at National Seating and Mobility. He was shocked. In all his years working with Convaid (the makers of Jenelle's wheelchair), he has never had to process a warranty repair. That says a lot for the quality of Convaid; an honestly, her last chair held up longer than we ever imagined, and it was a Convaid too! He took photos, and made a report and spoke to Convaid. It may take a few weeks, but they are going to replace the seat. Luckily, Convaid is headquartered here in Southern California, so we're hoping it won't take too long!

Her bus driver suggested taking it to a shoe repair, because really all it needs is for the abductor strap to be "re-sewn" into her seat. Not a bad suggestion, but of course, that would void the warranty. We'll just stick with Convaid.

Keep up the positive thoughts that we get a repair soon!