Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ketogenic Diet - Day 2

This afternoon we had some visitors and I got to make Jenelle's next 4 meals all on my own! Father Reese, the priest who married us at St. Paul's in Tustin stopped by for a visit and to pray for Jenelle. He had a meeting in West LA and was in the area. We didn't get the chance to go to church on Sunday, so it made me feel better that he could pray for her. Jenelle is a regular during the "healing" part of the prayer in our Sunday services, when we do make it to church.

Later in the afternoon, a cute little dog named "Zeesee" came to visit Jenelle and sit with her in her crib - courtesy of patient services. Don't they look alike?

Jenelle & therapy dog "Zeesee" Posted by Hello

To give you an idea, Jenelle's meal this evening for dinner was 39 grams of Stage 1 beef (jarred baby food), 35 grams of carrots (again, Stage 2 baby food), 10 grams of "fat" (mayo) and 5 grams of olive oil, all mixed together. With that, she got to have 35 grams of "heavy" whipping cream mixed in with her 3.5 ounces of Ketocal formula, for 4 ounces total. Small portions to say the least! The nurse explained that it may take Jenelle a good 2 weeks to adjust to the smaller portions, but calorie and fat content wise, she is getting enough. She can have an unlimited amount of water (with zero calorie flavoring added) and must get at least 32 ounces of fluids a day. And of course, she can have as much of her "thumb" as she wants since it has no calories! ;)

Jenelle is tolerating the food well, but is still acting hungry, and gets quite upset at times when Mommy tries to give her water instead of her usual milk. If her blood sugar levels remain stable and her ketone level stays up, we may get to leave late tomorrow after more instruction during the day. She is still having seizures, however they are no more than usual, and no less. That too could take a few weeks to show a difference. By the way - they found me a "pull out" bed for this evening! YAY! Brett has been driving back and forth and is staying with Jack this evening. Jack spent the previous night with Grandma, who also took him to Disneyland today! He is having more fun than any of us!

Thank you for the continued prayers - we truly appreciate it!

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