Thursday, September 29, 2005

Photos of Jenelle's new bath seat

Here is a photo of Jenelle in her new bathseat. No, I usually do not bathe her in her diaper, I was trying to cover her privates!

Here she is being very shy...

And after her bath.


Danielle said...

My Sweet Jenelle!! Cute as ever! Does she always keep the med-alert bracelett (guessing that is what that is) on? Does she mind it? Wow! Look at those legs go!

Kelly said...

Yes, that Medicalert bracelet is on 24/7. The only time it has come off was during an MRI recently. She doesn't mind it, and I've noticed she is growing into it - it used to fall off her arm sometimes. It really gives me peace of mind in case something happens and I can't get to her.