Friday, September 02, 2005

Pre-Labor Day Update on Jenelle!

Last weekend we were invited to a pool party. Hours before it was supposed to start, the hostess called to inform me that all three of her kids were sick (vomiting). We choose to stay home to keep Jenelle away from germs as she needs to be well these next two months to do her best on all her assessments. Imagine my worry when she started running a slight fever on Monday! "We missed the party and she still got sick anyway" was my first instinct. The good news however is that I took Jenelle into the doctor on Tuesday morning and she is merely teething! Yay!

After that the week went really well for Jenelle. Also last weekend we took the opportunity to take down Jenelle's crib and move her to a twin bed enclosed with safety rails. Of course, it took me 3 hours just to pick out new sheets for her bed. She is such a big girl now as you can see in the photos below.

And more good news - I got a glowing report from Jenelle's Physical Therapist yesterday. She was so excited because she has really been seeing improvement with Jenelle in possibly sitting up and head control. Jenelle really needs her AFOs (ankle foot supports) because she has enough strength to continue to try to walk. I was worried because it took a long time to get her old pair, and was happy to come home to a letter from our insurance last night authorizing a new pair! We have an appointment next Wednesday to get her casted for new AFOs. (I'll make sure to bring my camera this time!)

We hope everyone has a safe and pleasant Labor Day Weekend and thank you for the continued prayers - I'll keep you posted!

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