Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday update on Jenelle

Just wanted to send a brief update so everyone can "breathe easier" over the weekend about Jenelle, and also asking for some extra good thoughts and prayers to get us through the weekend. Jenelle had more seizures Thursday morning, and I was on the phone most of the morning with UCLA trying to determine our next step. Dr. Shields is very concerned with these "new" seizures because they are different than what we usually see with Jenelle. We are also seeing some "old" seizures as well, so that is troubling.

Some of Jenelle's "new" seizures have "new" characteristics than we usually see like involuntary twitching and at times "tremor" like movements (like what you see in someone with Parkinson's.) Dr. Shields is not sure if these are seizures or simply something behavioral. He added a new drug (for Jenelle) last night called Tranxene and said it if stops the movements, then they are most likely seizures. He wants to see Jenelle next Thursday and get another EEG. If she has another lengthy seizure between now and next Thursday, Dr. Shields plans to admit her to UCLA Medical Center on an emergency basis for observation so he can get an EEG and MRI done quicker.

Since taking her new medication last night, Jenelle seems to be doing well. When I picked up the drug at the pharmacy, it said it was used to treat "alcohol withdrawals" as well as anxiety and seizures. Those descriptions always make me laugh! The good news is that I haven't had any calls from daycare today, so that is usually a good thing. We're just going to try to keep our fingers crossed and see if we can make it to Thursday without needing hospitalization.

I'll keep you posted - thanks for the continued and extra prayers for the weekend!

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Nessa said...

she is beautiful and in my prayers :)