Thursday, October 06, 2005

Postcards from Holland

Today I joined Postcards from Holland which is a community blog of parents with special needs children. I've found that Jenelle's Journey has been very therputic for me to keep up to date, and realized in finding Postcards from Holland that Brett and I are not alone. Please feel free to come meet these amazing families and read their stories. In some ways we are so lucky, and in other ways, others feel they are lucky after reading about Jenelle. Regardless, there are many others who are just as strong as me, and are just getting used to this place called "Holland."

Please feel free to read Jenelle's introduction here.

And, if you've never read "Welcome to Holland" by Emily Perl Kingsley, feel free to learn more about it here.

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Mete said...

Found you by way of the "postcards" site and was excited to read about another child with Lennox Gastaut. My son Ethan is almost 4, and I have never met (virtually or otherwise) another parent of a child with LGS. It's like being a foreigner and finally meeting someone else who speaks the same language.

Jenelle is a beautiful girl, and I look forward to following her story. Thank you for writing.