Tuesday, September 20, 2005

5 Days Seizure Free... and counting!

Just wanted to send a quick update to let everyone know that Jenelle went all weekend without a seizure! So we are now "5 days seizure free" and counting (and knocking on all the wood I can find as I type this!) This could mean that the new seizure med is helping, and that in fact the "new stuff" is seizures.

We are tentatively supposed to see Dr. Shields on Thursday, and Jenelle's IEP with the School District is on for Friday - so far 14 people are scheduled to attend, is that some kind of record? :)

Also, please keep in your prayers Jenelle's friend Sierra who had a VNS implanted today at CHOC, and Jenelle's friend Eli, who is having brain surgery at UCLA on Thursday to help stop his seizures. Jenelle's friend Serena is scheduled for surgery at UCLA as well - I just can't remember the date. These families are amazing and strong and could use some good news seizure wise for a change! Thanks for the continued prayers for Jenelle - I'll keep you posted!

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