Sunday, September 11, 2005

Jenelle's School District Assessments

We met with the Tustin Unified School District on Friday, and Jenelle began her assessments and evaluations; Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, the School Nurse and Adaptive PE (not sure what that one is.) She still needs a vision assessment. It was a very long morning, and Jenelle slept well on Friday afternoon. These "assessments" are never easy emotionally because you really get a sense of how far behind your child is developmentally. However, I've been through these enough the "difficult questions" don't phase me as much. I'm well aware of what Jenelle can and can't do, and what she should be doing. Jenelle's abilities are quite scattered, and there does seem to be some slight improvement since she had benefited from seizure control. We are supposed to have our "IEP" in two weeks (Individualized Education Plan - some of you have asked.) Of course Jenelle charmed them all, and they all agreed she was beautiful.

After a long nap, Jenelle was pretty active the rest of Friday night. However, Saturday morning she woke with some congestion and a slight fever. Both Brett and I were sick this week (Brett had Strep Throat and our doctor just sent him home with medicine for me too!) So Jenelle seems to have our cold. She slept a lot on Saturday, and seemed to perk up early Sunday Morning. She is still congested, but doing well.

Last Wednesday, Jenelle was fitted for a new pair of AFOs (Ankle - Foot Orthotics (supports)). The man who casted her legs was the same who did her first pair, and he was quite impressed with her improvement. It is always so encouraging to hear others who haven't seen her as frequently see her improvements.

And in other news, Big Brother Jack got his first bicycle. After it took Brett an hour to put it together, he went next door to show the kids next door. Then 30 minutes later he had his first "crash" when he and our next door neighbor crashed into each other. He was fine but shaken. He is very proud of himself and knows not to ride in the street and to wear sneakers and his helmet. I promise to send photos with my next update.

Thanks for the continued prayers -I'll keep you posted.


Kyra said...

I understand your anxiety at the school seeing all there is to see right at the beginning, but speaking as someone who words with developmentally disabled children, specifically autistic children, it's much easier to make a good plan if we know exactly what we will be working with. Not that I particularly LIKE getting punched or anything, mind you, but if I at least know what makes the child punch ahead of time, I can make a better plan for working together.

I know your situation is different. Jenelle's seizures certainly aren't behavioral. But either way, it is better overall for the school or teacher or agency...whatever, to know what they may or may not encounter ahead of time.

I'll look for the update on the assessment!

Kyra said...

Sorry about that. This comment was supposed to go to the next post!