Friday, December 12, 2008

Why I feel so safe here at UCLA

Bullet points, because my typing on the lap top sucks. Chemo brain already?

  • Brett and I met at UCLA at a sushi bar in Westwood called Cowboy Sushi back in 1991. And those of you who know Brett, knows he doesn't like sushi - must have been the sake.
  • My room is 6111 and "11" is my lucky number
  • On the other side of my "peeps" here at Oncology, is the Neuroscience ward. We all know how I love my Neuros at UCLA! I just feel like this is one big home for me.
  • I get to walk past the Video EEG monitoring room every day on my daily walks. I love looking in, and thinking to myself, "I know what that is!" and thinking seizures suck.
  • The Neuroscience ward looks over Fraternity Row; specifically the Theta Chi house and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house. I was a "Little Sister of Minerva" at the SAE house at UCSB. In fact, I partied at that particular SAE house back in 1991 - possibly the same weekend I met Brett.
  • The SAE house has beautiful white Christmas lights everywhere and looks gorgeous. They had a beautiful tree as well, but it was gone tonight. Hmmm... maybe a huge party?
  • Part of my unit looks out of Dr. Shields' clinic.
  • I can see Westwood from the hall, and last night they had the premiere for "Marley and Me" with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Guess they were too busy to stop by.


Anonymous said...

I don't get half the references, but I do get the positive tone. Excellent medicine.

Cowboy Sushi, eh? I could go on about that, but I have to go grill some steak while my vegetarian Younger Teen is out for the day. Oops, sorry. I know you can't have the s-food right now.

I understand fish is brain food. But that's not my specialty. Barbara

Gators_Rule said...

It's good to see you posting again. We've been so worried about you. I know you are in good hands. the bullet points.


Unknown said...

Leave it to Kelly to be the positive one!! I am so glad to hear you are in good spirits!!

Tiffany & Shane

Vodka Mom said...

If I wasn't here on the east coast, I would bring you some sushi!

Bonnie sayers said...

Nice bullet points. Too bad Jen and Owen did not stop by. I feel for you with the body rash. My face is inflammed and I am going nuts with the heat and cold on it. I self medicated myself with some leftover prednisone, which I hate for the weight gain. Good luck with the benadryl. Can you take melatonin for sleep? I take atarax to stop itch and alternate between benadryl since weird dreams with atarax and it knocks me out.

It was nice meeting you last week, good luck with the scarf and hope you get home next week in time for the holidays.

Another twitter member is coming to LA and will be in santa monica, so can visit in Jan if back at UCLA. ~ Bonnie