Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Falling Stars

The doctors here want me to take walks around the hospital as much as possible. All of the rooms here are their own isolation, so everyone always has a door closed. All occupied rooms have the patients first name, and some have little signs, etc. Mom and I noticed that a few rooms had "shooting stars" on the out side of the door. We weren't sure what it meant, so we asked.

A nurse told me that it was a "Falling Star" and it meant the patient was a fall risk or has already fallen (i.e. out of bed, on the floor.) Mom didn't quite understand that at first, and thought it meant the patient had "died." Needless to say, on our walks she would get emotional and she wasn't too impressed with all the "Fallen Stars" on my unit. Once I realized her mistake, we had a good laugh.

I slept a lot today and some emotions are setting in. Some nausea as well. Brett is doing well and the help has been amazing - thank you all. Thought you'd get a kick out of my funny "falling star" story. Gotta keep the sense of humor!


Anonymous said...

Funny but practical. I had to ask, too, why leaves were posted outside rooms of a rehab unit where I used to work. [Chuckle.]

Sometimes those helpful medicines throw-off more than your hair, as in balance. Erm, strength becomes an issue - good idea to build-up now. You're in for an olympic challenge. An the crowd is ready to cheer you on!

Go Kelly!


deb said...

Keep up the movement-it wils help. I remember the nausea all too well. It took 4 meds at one time to get me through it. Not sure I ever posted all that.

The falling stars is a really cute story. Thanks for sharing it.

Your spirit amazes me. Keep strong!

Sending hugs, love and laughter-


Anonymous said...

thinking of you and sending lots of love and prayers ~ that falling-stars story is cute...

the only time something on the door means something "sad" is a leaf with a dew drop coming off it on the labor & delivery floors ~ means there has been a miscarriage or baby death :( its sad to see, but its good that it is a universal sign for healthcare workers so we dont walk in and ask stupid inappropriate "how is your new baby?" questions...

sounds like you are in good hands!


Vodka Mom said...

That was a great story! Ya gotta laugh! Come on over for a chuckle, if you want.

* Totally praying for you right now.

Gators_Rule said...

LOL @ your mom!

Could you send me one of those stars? I need to plaster it on my forehead. I went outside to brush the snow off of my car. I opened the door, reached down to grab the snow brush and subsequently smashed my lower lip on the steering wheel. It bled like a son-of-a-gun and I looked like I'd been in a fight.

It's not like I didn't know the steering wheel was there. It hasn't moved since I've been driving the car. Scoreboard: Steering Wheel- 1, Lower Lip- 0


Fantastagirl said...

LOL at your mom - great story - I'm sure by the time you are cancer free you will have many to post to keep us all in smiles!

It's probably a good idea to keep you moving, the stronger your body is, the easier it will be to get through the treatment.

Hugs, Smiles & Prayers

Ben and Bennie said...

You're a Shooting Star, friend! Stay focused on getting well.

Bogart said...

It is a good thing that you found out the real reason...that falling star would not be a star I wanted on my door if it meant what your mom thought it did.