Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paging Dr. House...

After 5 days of fever and rash the doctors still aren't sure why Kelly has a rash and fever. They think it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. They stopped almost all of the drugs, but she still has a fever. In a four hour period Kelly can have a normal temp, start shaking because she is freezing, to a fever over 102, back down to normal. Kelly and I have been pretty frustrated by the answer from the doctor of "we will stay the course and ride this out". I have never heard Dr. House say that. Not much we can do. The rash is getting much better with the fever still hanging around. Kelly could have been home by now if it weren't for the darn fever. She got blood and platelets today to get her numbers back up. They now think she might go home Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. We really want to go home. Thanks for all the prayers.


Becky said...

So damn frustrating!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the fever goes away soon. You need to get home...I'm sure the change in scenery will do wonders for both of you.

You're constantly in my thoughts, Kelly. Keeping KCA!


Anonymous said...

Running hot and cold is one sure-fire way to stump the physicians.

"allergic reaction" uh, huh. When you are feeling better, from home, maybe you can do a study of those antibiotics, and the "inactive ingredients".

Meantime, I'm with Brett for wanting Dr. House.

Uhm, chamomile tea? Oh, and continuing to pray.

Vodka Mom said...

okay, I'm praying RIGHT NOW.

Me said...

Crossing my fingers she is home for Christmas!!!!!

Army of Mom said...

God love you all. That is so frustrating. Good luck dealing with it and recuperating. All of you take good care of yourselves. Hopefully you will all be past this in no time and it will simply be a bad memory and a reminder of how important we all are to one another.

Your entire family is in my prayers!