Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blood & Platelet Donations Needed

I am some what embarrassed to say, that in my 38 years of life I have never donated blood. When I was young I had the excuse that I was too thin, but even as I put on weight with age, I never got around to doing something so simple, and so life saving. And now here I am with a specific type of cancer that requires lots of transfusions, platelets and other blood products. So far I've had 4 units of blood, 3 units of platelets and 3 units of other blood products. I haven't even been here a week.

We've gotten a lot of requests on blood donor information, so here you go. My blood type is A Positive. I need both type specific blood and platelets. If you are in the area, and would like to specifically donate blood for my use, you can only do so at UCLA. If you want to donate blood at your local red cross, you can ask that it be credited to me (it does not have to be the same type.)

The UCLA Blood and Platelet Center is located at 1045 Gayley Avenue in Los Angeles. To make an appointment, call 310-206-6287 or 310-825-0888 x2. Their website is http://www.gotblood.ucla.edu/

Here is the criteria for giving blood:

  • Be at least 17 years old (there is no upper age limit)
  • Weigh at least 110 lbs.
  • Be in general good health
  • Have not taken any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications withing 36 hours of donation
  • If Diabetic: No Insulin (oral medications are acceptable)
  • If asthmatic: No oral medications (Singulair is acceptable)
  • Must be willing to allow approximately 2 hours for the entire donation process.

If you have any questions, call your local Red Cross or the UCLA number above. Thank you so much.


Danielle said...

First, on the below post. That is really sweet what your boss did for Jenelle. Also, I will wait for Jack, if he wants a girl to marry ;)

Secondly, this is SUCH way to post about blood donation. I've given blood many times, but I NEVER knew you could specifically give it towards someone. Thank you

Anonymous said...

i found you through bennie and ben. i'm sorry for the unfair amount of illness that your family has been dealt. you are amazingly courageous, and i pray for a full recovery for you, and health for your daughter as well. also peace for the rest of your family.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, even if we have a different blood type can we donate and credit to you? What else can we do to help?

Anonymous said...


hang in there, your positive attitude is an inspiration to me.
We are praying for you here in NY.

Jenna and Jake

Me said...

Ah, leave it to you my friend to be A+. :) I'm AB myself so not quite as popular as our "O" friends.

I think of you often during the day... not that it helps anything but please know you are in my thoughts.

Fantastagirl said...

As soon as my counts are high enough - I'll donate in your name!

I'm '0' positive - so someone somewhere should be able to use it. Such a great picture with Jack, and how hard it must have been to explain it to him, but keeping it simply, using words that he understands, is great - maybe he can help find an awesome A's hat for you to wear while your hair grows back.

Thinking of you - and sending many positive thoughts your way!

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

I am embarrassed to say I don't even know what my blood type is but I will find out and if I can donate I will, if not you I will still donate for someone else.

Anonymous said...

kelly, i was jumping in here to check on jennelle and was pretty stunned to see you in the hospital and see the words cancer...

i am A Positive, and also CMV negative (which means blood like mine can be given to cancer patients, like you...

i have not donated in a long time. i am going to check my h&h at work on saturday (what the do with the finger stick @ the red cross) and then i will make an appointment.

you will be in my thoughts and prayers... please email if you would like anything fun like postcards from around the country... :)

much love,

Anonymous said...

PS - if the h&h at work is *low* i will be starting some iron vitamins and in a few weeks should be OK to donate!


Norene said...

I'm trying to get this to work, so if it's a repeat, sorry. Hang in there Kelly! We are thinking about you. Love, Norene

Vodka Mom said...

Even though I hate needles, I'm somewhat of a sissy, I DO donate blood. It's about more than our squeamishness. Good luck to you....

Bogart said...

If you can find a way to get my A+ from out here in VA, let me know and I am there.

Penny L. Richards said...

O+, CMV-negative, experienced donor, due to give, and.... I'm going to be in Westwood tomorrow with a little time to kill. I'll try to call the donation center in the morning and see if they can give me a same-day slot; otherwise, I'll give locally and tell them Kelly sent me.