Friday, December 26, 2008

Jenelle lost her 1st Tooth!

Jenelle lost her first tooth today! A couple of days ago, I noticed it was loose, and Grandma got to pull it this morning while we were at my follow up appointment. I guess we'll be getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight! Here is a photo of the missing tooth - looks like the new one is coming in.

We had a wonderful, low key Christmas. I sat up and watched gifts in the morning, and rested for most of the afternoon. Our neighbor made us dinner last night as Grandma and Grandpa took Jack to Christmas dinner with the family. Here we are, the bald family, on Christmas Eve.

I had my first follow up appointment today, and my blood work was so good I didn't need blood or platelets! It looks like I might be staying home for two more weeks before starting the second round of Chemo. We met with the nurse practitioner instead of the doctor today, and that information was a little contradictory, so we aren't holding our breath, but I might have more time at home that originally thought.

The nurse told me to get out more and to get more exercise. I have been having some sciatic pain so I need to work that out a bit. This afternoon I went out to lunch for the first time and it was nice to be out. Slow and steady on the road to recovery. Thanks for the continued prayers.


Bonnie sayers said...

Good news on the first visit from Tooth Fairy tonight. Kids look good in striped shirts. Glad all is going well and two weeks longer at home.

Happy holidays and New Year to all

Anonymous said...

Sooo happy to see 2 photos of Jenelle. Good news, too.

Y'all look very good to me. Just the sight of the 4 of you together, all smiling - makes me feel good!

Excellent news on your bloodwork, too! Thanks so much for keeping nosy people like me up-to-date. Barbara

PS (Stretching for the sciatica. If you can't find any general instructions easily, let me know. -Unless it gets worse, then ask MD to see a PT.)

Timestep said...

I've done the stretching exercises for sciatica also. It's very easy to describe over the phone.

Your update sounds great.

Sydney has a loose tooth also! How excite, a visit from the tooth fairy.

I had a funny email exchange with Spikey. I'll have to tell you about it.

Vodka Mom said...

Thinking of you and your lovely family. Merry Christmas!

Kristine McKowen said...

So glad you made it home to spend Christmas with your family!

Many prayers for your continued recovery.

Janelle looks so cute with that missing tooth!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the christmas family photo! i love those stripey kid pajamas!!! i hope your time at home is extended and you enjoy being able to rest in your own space... you are continually in my thoughts and prayers!

much love,

Anonymous said...

Had sciatica pain for 4 weeks. a heating pad that i sat on and slept with was able to relax the muscle...

Fantastagirl said...

How awesome a visit from the tooth fairy, and excellent blood work!

Photo looks amazing, and so glad to see those wonderful smiles.

I've done the stretching for the sciatica, it can help!

Hugs, Smiles & Prayers.

Army of Mom said...

So glad you're home. Take good care of yourself!

Laura said...

The bald look looks pretty darn good on the family. Glad you were able to be home for Christmas. Best of wishes on the road to recovery.

Gators_Rule said...

What a cute girl! It almost looks like she's happy to show off her lost tooth. I'm sure Jenelle and Jack were so happy to have you home for the holidays.

I love the picture of the bald family! Perhaps that could be next year's Christmas card...the one where you announce that you've been in remission and doing great for almost a year!


Me said...

YEAH! Good news on the blood work. And I smiled at the Angels Red Hat. :) Too bad the robe is blue. Hee hee.

GinaMarie said...

Im SOOO GLAD your home!! Glad your bloodwork is good also!! You look GOOD! :o) Thats great Jenelle lost her first tooth when you were home! She looks so cute. She sure is growing up fast. I love the family picture. Its great.
Gina Marie (from CN)

Christine said...

You're an inspiration to me and my family! I found yor site through searches on epilepsy, and epilepsy awareness, as my son was recently diagnosed.

I hope through our ourney, I can 1/2 the strength that you have!

You and your family are in our prayers!

Happy new year,