Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Begins...

Jack finished the last day of 3rd grade on Wednesday, so Summer has official begun at the Curran house. To celebrate, I thought I'd share some photos. First, here are some photos from the girl's slumber party at UCLA:

First we have Jenelle with her "Princess Hat" that helped to keep her from pulling out the EEG connectors that were glued to her head. That hat lasted all of an hour before she pulled it off (at least the probes stayed put!)

Here is a photo of our room - can you see Pauley Pavillion out the window in the background? In the foreground, you can see the EEG monitor. The waves are chaotic because Jenelle was wiggly, not because she was seizing.

Here is Jenelle the next morning - just starting to get irritated with the whole thing.

And you may think this is an odd photo, but I just had to share. This is the gurney in the ER. Now, if there are any "Grey's Anatomy" fans out there, you may notice that in the show, patients often have pink or navy or peach colored sheets. For those of us who are "frequent fliers" in hospitals, we know this is a bunch of hog wash. Hospitals use white sheets so they can bleach the heck out of them!
This photo below is of the gurney in the ER at UCLA. I immediately noticed that is was a soft cotton jersey like material, and definitely not white. I made a comment to our nurse, and he told me it was something "new" they were trying. They had hoped that the softness of the sheets, and the color would be soothing to patients. I must say, it looked comfy, and definitely "soothing!"

Jack's last assignment for 3rd grade was an oral report on a sports figure that is no longer playing their sport. No, Jack has not converted to being a Red Sox fan, but he did do an oral report on Ted Williams, the Greatest Hitter ever. Here is Jack working on his poster of Ted Williams.

The night before Jack's last day of school, he and Daddy got into a "tickle fight" which lead into a dog pile. Jenelle enjoyed their laughter so much, she decided to get in on the fun. So Jack and Daddy in turn dog piled on Jenelle. As you can see, she loved every minute of it!

Finally, tomorrow is the first game for the Little League 9 and 10 year old All Star Tournament. Jack (who goes by the nick name "JD" in baseball) was voted onto the All Star team by the coaches. We are very proud of him. I had to decorate the car to show off our pride!

Go Tustin Eastern Little League!
That is all for now. Happy Father's Day - enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead!

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