Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Finally in a room

Start sending those seizure vibes!

We finally got a room around 5:00. Dr. Shields came to see us in the ER, and had the EEG technician put the electrodes on Jenelle while in the ER so we didn't waste any time once we got a room. Unfortunately, just as the tech finished putting on the EEG electrodes, Jenelle had a huge tonic seizure requiring oxygen (I think from the stress of being forced to stay still - I was lying on top of her while they put in the electrodes.) It was unfortunate, because she wasn't hooked up to the EEG yet.

We are now in our room waiting for dinner to arrive (Mac N Cheese for Jenelle - I'll fend for myself later tonight when she's asleep.) Jenelle has had a seizure since we got up to her room (and while hooked onto the EEG), so that's a good thing. Hopefully we'll get some answers.

I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the best possible outcome - good diagnostics for clear and effective treatment. And that you get some food. Barbara