Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cancer Survivor's Day @ Team in Training/San Diego

The first Sunday of June is National Cancer Survivor's Day. I consider today my first (and not last) celebration of this day, because a year ago to this day, even though I was cancer free, I almost died from neutropenic fever. In honor of this special day, I made the trip to San Diego with Jenelle and Brett's Aunt Nicki to cheer on Brett's cousin Bridget as she ran the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon with Team in Training. Even as a spectator, it was such an inspirational event!

I made a sign with "Go Bridget" on one side and "KCA" on the other. We arrived around 9:00 a.m. at the 16 mile mark and started cheering on the runners. It was so amazing. Many loved our "KCA" sign, and sometimes I would yell "Thank you from a Survivor" and I would get applause. It was awesome. Bridget had no idea that we were going to cheer her on, and was surprised and excited to see us with our huge sign! We thought if she saw us at the 16 mile mark, she'd be willing to go the last 10!

After seeing Bridget pass the 16 mile mark, we took our time to get some lunch, and then park at Qualcomm Stadium to take the Trolley to Sea World for the finish line. Our timing was perfect, and we arrived about 20 minutes before Bridget came across the finish line. After we went to the Team in Training tent and again I was really inspired to see all the participants. I've always thought a marathon was out of my reach, but if Bridget can do it, if I can beat cancer.... well, maybe someday, and definitely with Team in Training!

Jenelle enjoyed the day as well, but had a few seizures today. Speaking of which, we are scheduled for her 24 hour video EEG for this Tuesday at UCLA. I'm waiting for confirmation, but am pretty sure things are still a go. I'm glad we got in soon, because I'd like to get an answer one way or another about her seizures.

I will update later on Jenelle when I have more information. Here are some photos for you to enjoy!

Jenelle and Nicki at the 16 mile mark waiting for Bridget.

"Kick Cancer's Ass"

"Bridget surprised to see us!"

"Bridget crossing the finish line!"

Go Team! KCA!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

How fun that she was surprised. :) Sorry that Jenelle had seizures. I hope the EEG goes well. We are looking at LG Syndrome for my Peanut now so I will definately be reading more of your blog history!

Unknown said...

Yes - Definitely Surprised! It was so very cool that Nicki and Kelly came to see my marathon. It was my first and I had decided to do the full 26.2 miles.

And Kelly was right, mile 16 is when it was becoming really difficult for me - them being there really did help!! :)