Wednesday, September 02, 2009

No piggy in our house!

Finally this afternoon we got the results from Jenelle's test for Swine Flu and it was negative! Jenelle held her fever for most of the weekend and has been fever free since Monday evening. Thankfully that is one less thing to worry about - I have been healthy as well.

Brett's surgery is for a rotator tear in his right shoulder. It is an old baseball injury that has become worse over the years. Brett has been having more pain with it since coaching Jack and Jenelle's Little League the last three years so its a good time during the off season to get it fixed. His surgery has been postponed until September 15, and his recovery should take 6 weeks.

I see my oncologist for a follow up tomorrow and should know more about my numbers. Hopefully I'll get the OK to return to work! We're almost there!

Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers! I'll keep you posted.

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Unknown said...

Hi Kelly! I am so happy for you and Janelle! About Brett's surgery: Do you have a big recliner chair? I hear they are the most comfortable following shoulder surg to sleep in. The first night is usually rough, but it gets better after. Keep the ice and pain pills close! Where is he having it done? I work in an Ortho Outpatient Center in Fashion Island.
Hugs to you!