Friday, August 28, 2009

Because we don't do things half way in this family...

So, when I got Jenelle from daycare yesterday, her caregiver mentioned that she had been lethargic all day. I dismissed it thinking it was this heat, but took her temperature anyway - 100.8. I gave her some Motrin and she was happy. This morning, her temperature was 102. No other symptoms, just a fever. Thinking I didn't want things to get worse if it was an ear infection, I called her doctor to see if they could get her in. We saw the doctor this afternoon, and Jenelle is now being tested for H1N1 or more affectionately known as the Swine Flu. We will not have results until Monday or Tuesday.

With my starting chemo pill maintenance two weeks ago, you can imagine my concerns. I had labs drawn on Wednesday, but the results have not yet been faxed to my doctor. I spoke to my oncologist about Jenelle, and she was going to prescribe Tamiflu as a precaution - but like everything else in this world, I am allergic to Tamiflu (took it once and had a severe rash and some breathing problems.) So now we are just hoping Jenelle does not have a positive result, and that she hasn't passed it to me.

I have been doing really well with the pills - no reactions so far. I have some fatigue here and there, but it comes and goes. I am getting stronger every day and really feel I might be ready to get back to work! I see my doctor on Thursday and will know more.

Brett is having shoulder surgery on Tuesday the 8th. This is something he has needed to have done for some time, and should be a quick outpatient procedure. Fortunately, Jack is well and only faking illness so he can miss his first day of school this Monday. Where did summer go?

Please keep Jenelle in your prayers. As you can imagine, any illness for her is always scary as it can get out of hand very quickly. And of course, we want some stay well prayers for me as well. I am getting so close to getting back to normal, I can taste it. I wouldn't want this to slow it down!

Thanks again - I'll keep you posted.


Ben and Bennie said...

Kelly, I just don't know how y'all do it. You know I'll be praying for you. Ironically I can't pray for myself these days but I sure as heck can pray for others!

Nature Girl said...

as always Kelly, your family is in my thoughs and sending well wishes Jenelle's way..I hope it's just the heat!

Fantastagirl said...

Kelly -

Sending many good thoughts your families way... 1) that Jenelle does NOT have H1N1, 2) that you stay "healthy" and 3) Brett's surgery goes as planned. Your family could really use a break!

Keeping all of you in our thoughts!

Victoria said...

Kelly and Family,

Thinking of you and hoping that this is not the swine flu! and that you are still well, and that Brett's surgery has no complications.

Prayers and Love,
Victoria and Darrell

Anonymous said...

Continuing prayers for your family.


Bogart said...

Praying for a negative test and that it is just a little fever!

Tonie Auer said...

Girl, your family reminds me of PigPen with a dust cloud (of germs for you guys) following you around. Man, I feel bad. Hang in there ... I hope the news you get is good.