Monday, September 14, 2009

Slow and easy wins the race!

I started back to work last Wednesday and had 12, 477 emails to sort through on my first day. By Friday, I had that amount down to 298. I am working a part time schedule of 4, 6 hour days a week with Tuesdays off. I take my chemo pills on Monday night and find that I am usually very groggy and tired on Tuesday. So far, the schedule works well. I get in early and get home in time to get a quick nap in before getting the kids.

It has been wonderful to get back to something normal. I am listening to my doctor and taking it very slow. I was tempted to take home some work last week and decided to force myself to rest. As they say, "slow and easy wins the race" and thankfully I have an employer who understands that concept.

The kids are both back to school and we are all falling back into the old familiar schedule. Brett's surgery that was scheduled for today has been postponed because his doctor has the flu. I think that is a blessing because I wasn't ready to start lifting Jenelle to much.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you posted.


Army of Mom said...

Hooray!!! I'm glad you're getting your life back and I'm even more glad that you're taking it slow!!! I'm so glad for you. Take care. Good luck with Brett's procedure, too.

Tara Bennett said...

Continue taking it as slow as you can. You are one amazing woman who deserves a slow and easy pace now and then!

Anonymous said...


congratulations on your recovery, you are an inspiration to us all.
Take it easy, don't tire yourself out too much, and take care.

Jenna and Jake

Bogart said...

So happy for you! This really makes me happy!