Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Normal, New Habits

With Jenelle, we've always been adjusting to our "new normal" as we like to call it. Whenever Jenelle meets a new milestone, or has a set back, it changes our normal routine. And thus, we experience what we call a "new normal. Lately she has been really thriving, and our "new normal" gets easier and easier.

During my first week back to work, the new HR manager at my firm told me to start making "new habits" for myself. "New habits" to be healthier. I've kept those words in mind each day as I slowly adjust to the new schedule. My new habits include drinking more water, eating healthier, and listening to my body when it tells me it needs a nap. I can't help but compare the phrases "new normal" to "new habits." In many ways, they sound similar, but are very different. "New habits" can be made for yourself, while a "new normal" is a change you adjust to. I think the "new habits" are easier.

Like I said, Jenelle is really thriving, especially in her eating. She is really chewing more, and able to tolerate more foods. Her menu now includes pasta, beans and rice, chopped chicken or turkey and pizza! All of these items have to be cut into small pieces of course, but she is chewing and handling it very well. Instead of pureeing lots of veggies for her, I now give her mostly what we are having mixed up in a bowl. This weekend she also grabbed my fork and fed herself. She sure loves her food!

Jenelle is also adjusting real well to first grade. She enjoys using the adaptive switches to play computer games at school, and is being taught to use a switch that activates a voice that says "bathroom" whenever she has to go! Her progress has been amazing, and each day we are so very proud of her.

Jack is doing well in 3rd grade, and is very busy with football and Fall baseball. I hope we don't burn him out, but he sure does love his sports. If there can be one blessing to come from my having cancer, it was the opportunity I had to spend the summer with Jack at home while I was on disability. There are so many times that his needs are thrust to the back burner because of Jenelle. I think he really enjoyed our special outings together. He has matured so much this year, and is such a joy. I am so thankful.

Finally, some photos to share. The first is of Jack on his first day back to school. I think he's getting too old for photos at the desk.

This adorable photo was taken on Brett's birthday. The timing of Jenelle's smile was just perfect.

Here we have Jenelle all ready for her big brother's football game! It is really cool that Jack was #1 last year because now it is the perfect jersey for Jenelle to wear to the games.

Here is a photo of Jack as he fell asleep in the living room clutching his UCLA football. He plays till he drops!

And finally, a new hair update! A few weeks ago I went to my stylist, Chaz, to cut off the fuzz and add some color. I'm learning to style the curl and like the lighter color. I just hope it grows faster in time for my driver's license photo in January!

That's all for now. Thank you for the continued prayers! I'll keep you posted!


Kristine said...

Wow, all great progress for the family. Jack maturing so and Jenelle reaching new stages of independence. Your hair is so cute. Pictures precious. Again, I'm so happy that your 'new normal' has taken a few new steps forward.

Anonymous said...

kelly, looking back at all that you have go thru the past year and you have done with with a strength i can only admire. you are such a strong woman. your husband has also is one whom i greatly admire. i know there is no way mine would be able to handle all you guys have been thru in the past years. you are such a wonderful family, whom i'm glad to say i know! congratulations on all you guys have accomplished! i'm sure it is hard on a marriage to deal with all you have! god bless you all!

p.s. you are lookin mighty hot w/ the new hair do! i'm sure you will be smokin come january!

andrea hey (Jan 01 playgroup)

Anonymous said...

Your post - ALL THE GREAT NEWS - just made me so happy! But enough about me. You and your daughter are both beautiful. Your son and hubby are very handsome. All must be eating right!


DrewB said...

So glad to hear that things are returning back to normal :) Love the new hair do! Super cute! And I love that picture of Jack with his UCLA football! Go Bruins!

Joanne said...

Kelly, you look beautiful! And the kids are precious! So glad that things are starting to get back to "normal" for you and your family. It must feel good to be getting back to work again - everyone must be so happy to have you back. Sounds like you are being careful not to overdo it. All our best to all of you!!
Lots of love from Uncle Jim and Aunt Joanne