Monday, October 05, 2009

Another visit to UCLA

I had a follow up appointment today with my oncologist at UCLA. Jack did not have school today and decided to tag along for the ride. He wore his UCLA sweatshirt and was hoping to see quarterback Kevin Craft on campus. It sure has been fun spending time with him and I was glad he came with us, so he could see the place and meet the doctors who have helped me get better.

The visit was a good one, except that my neutrophils are very low and my white blood cell count is borderline low. Brett and I have been fighting a sinus cold that has been going around and he has had it worse than me. Last week Brett was in bed three days with a fever of 102, sore throat, stuffed sinuses and a cough. I had the sinus and cough, but no fever. The doctor thinks that my counts are low because of my chemo meds, so she wants to lower them and re-test my blood next week. Also, because of the low neutrophils and with me fighting off this sinus thing, they put me on anti-biotics.

Jenelle has been doing very well these days and is eating everything possible. It is like she finally understands that chewing will allow her to eat more interesting foods. Last week's menu included pizza, popcorn, ground beef, French toast and pancakes! She loves food! Jenelle has an appointment coming up in two weeks with Dr. Shields. We plan to talk to him then about switching to liquid seizure meds to see if she can tolerate swallowing them. If so, we may start considering removing her g-tube in June when we see her GI doctor. What a milestone that would be! Right now, we've only been using her g-tube for medicine because she is eating well and drinking most of her formula from a straw.

Jenelle had her annual IEP last week. She accomplished 8 out of 15 goals from her last IEP! she continues to improve in every area and we couldn't be more proud of her and the team of teachers that work with her every day. We love the results we are seeing.

That is all for now. I will keep you posted on my lab work next week. Thank you for the continued prayers.


Army of Mom said...

Hip hip hooray for Jenelle!!! That is such great news. I know how pleased you are. I hope you and Brett get to feeling better.

Becky said...


I love the Jenelle news! Can you even imagine saying goodbye to the g-tube? That's huge!

I hope you and Brett kick the cold soon.

Great job KCA! As always, I am so very proud to call you a friend.