Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Still at home...

I've decided that there is no difference in being isolated in a hospital as compared to being isolated at home. The only difference is seeing the kids each night, so that is a plus, but I am starting to get stir crazy. I'm knitting, and updating our photo albums, and I think I've seen every movie there is to see on television (even channels where there are commercials!) At least I am at home... still.

Yesterday I had a blood draw, and I assume if my numbers were critical, I would have heard from the doctor today (knock on wood!) I really like my home health nurse, she takes really great care of my PICC line and has a great sense of humor. Thank God for that PICC line, otherwise I'd have a lot of needle pokes. My home nurse is good about calling me with my numbers, but I told her this time I only wanted to know when I was well enough to go out in public again. I figure why dwell on numbers I can't control.

Which reminds me, I forgot to tell you all some good news. While I was getting outpatient chemo, my oncologist took some blood to run a chromosome test to check for any cancer cells. The good news is that the test result was negative, and I am still cancer free! I asked my oncologist if I would have to have another bone marrow biopsy, and she said she hoped to avoid another one as long as my blood work was clear. Apparently now with these new chromosome tests, they are as accurate as actually testing my bone marrow, so that is very good news.

And unfortunately, it seems our little Jenelle has a cold. It doesn't seem too serious, no fever, but because she is Jenelle, she cannot really blow her nose or cover her cough. Tonight I was really bummed when she got home because she kept coming to me to be held. I've isolated myself in our bedroom so that I can avoid any exposure to her germs. Brett has been amazing and pretty much taking care of the kids by himself. Please send some prayers that Jenelle gets over this cold soon, and that I don't catch it.

That is our update for now. Thanks for the continued prayers. KCA!

Edited to add: My home nurse just called and my numbers look really good; WBC at 1.8 (normal is 4.5), and she thinks my neutrophils were 600 (500 and less and I should be in the hospital) She will bring them to me tomorrow when she comes for my next blood draw.) My immune system is still weak, so keep praying I don't get Jenelle's cold. Thanks!


Norene said...

Hang in there! I hope Jenelle's sickness will be over soon and that you keep germ free..

Anonymous said...

Okay, the imagery is of an angelic germ-barrier-shield between you and Jenelle. ;) Raphael the Archangel can help with that!

The big C is kicked into submission and prayers continue to keep it down and move it to the curb.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, have you considered joining Netflix?. You would be able to watch movies online or through your television. (including getting them by mail but don't know how that would work due to germs) It may help to pass the time as you would be able to watch TV series and movies on demand.

Just a thought. As always, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Stefanie (January Jewel's)

Anonymous said...

There is reason to CELEBRATE That you are cancer free!!!!!!! I have the biggest smile on my face for you!


(who is probably going to be calling myself Coffee Please soon after the whole hullabaloo so don't freak when you see my new name K? LOL)