Monday, March 30, 2009

Team in Training & Freedom Walk

When hit with a catastrophic diagnosis or illness, organizations like the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and the Epilepsy Alliance of Orange County are often the first contact families make to get information and support. These organizations cannot help families without needed funds.

I have two dear friends that I met back in 2000 when I was pregnant with Jack through an Internet Mommy Playgroup that are participating in the "Team in Training" event to raise funds in my honor for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Since my diagnosis, they have been training everyday, through rain and snow, to prepare for a 100 mile bike ride. I can't even imagine riding a bike a mile. Becky lives in Arizona, and has done the ride before, and Kristen lives in Colorado and is doing the ride with her Mom. If you have the means, please help sponsor these amazing women. There is an entrance fee for the ride and part of the donations help cover that expense.

Again this year the Epilepsy Alliance of Orange County is holding it's annual Epilepsy Freedom Walk in May. Because of my chemo we will be unable to participate this year in person, but we have still created a "virtual" team for donations. A few years ago we participated in our first Epilepsy Freedom Walk as Jenelle's Avocados. The name was coined after the child of a dear friend told his Mom he wanted to be "Jenelle's Avocado" meaning he wanted to be her "advocate." The name stuck and Jenelle's Avocados continue to raise funds for this worthy cause - please help us if you can.

I can't imagine how hard it must be to raise needed funds for organizations like these in an economy like this. But I can tell you personally how these organizations are changing lives. Just three years ago, my type of Leukemia was considered "terminal." Because of funds raised from events like Team in Training, they have found a cure for my type of Leukemia. That is HUGE. And of course, the Epilepsy Alliance helps families every day when they get the devastating news that a loved one has epilepsy. Support groups and advocacy are offered to these families, and we can personally attest to all that they have done for our Jenelle.

If you have the means, please help out. You never know when the next cure will be found, or when the next family will make that call asking for support.
Thank you!

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Vajana said...

that is wonderful you have friends who participate in this event. I have a very close friend who does several triathalons every year for Team in Training. It is a good way for people around you to be able to 'help' out when they feel helpless.