Monday, May 16, 2005

Still at CHOC!

We're still at CHOC! It will be a week tomorrow. Dr. Kim (another CHOC Neurologist) saw Jenelle this morning, and after speaking with me, he said he was unaware that Jenelle had an "unresolved" urinary tract infection two weeks ago (remember her allergy to Keflex and our last ER adventure?) Based on this information, Dr. Kim diagnosed Jenelle with bacterial meningitis later in the evening after the culture on the spinal tap was conclusive. Another IV antibiotic was added tonight (she was placed on a different one Sunday) and we will be here at least to Wednesday for her to finish her course of IV antibiotics. Better to be here longer, than to be back again next week! Looks like a mild case of meningitis, and that we caught it in time.

Jenelle is back to her usual self, with exception of her eating, she is still refusing solid food. Part of this could be having a tube down her throat for 4 days, and that she still may not be well. However, today I contacted the Occupational Therapist who ran her "swallow study" a month ago for her assistance, and she is going to take advantage of our being her and see if she can help Jenelle eat more. Looks like a G-tube is indefinite, but it may be a few more weeks.

Other good news is that Jenelle's seizures are under control, and back to what they were before starting the Ketogenic Diet. In the ER, they started IV Dilantin to help keep her seizures at bay, and we are currently weaning that drug and will be off of it by the time we are sent home. With the IV antibiotics she is currently getting, they can lower her seizure threshold, so they are weaning the Dilantin slowly.

Thanks for the continued prayers - I'll continue to keep you posted!

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