Sunday, May 15, 2005

Spinal Tap Results

I went to my office briefly this morning to drop off some work and go through office stuff. On my way in, Brett called to inform me that the doctor came to see Jenelle after I left. Apparently there is a "growth" from the culture of her spinal fluid taken from the spinal tap a few days ago. They need to allow this growth (most likely a contaminant and/or bacteria) to grow more to further figure out what it is, but in the mean time will be treating Jenelle with antibiotics as if it were meningitis. Jenelle is alert again today but not really wanting to eat solids. She is sleeping a lot, which is probably best since she is fighting a major infection. Until she can take her medicine with her food by mouth, we'll be needing the nose tube, and thus will still be in the hospital. They are shooting for Tuesday at the earliest to get her out - we're hoping to make our appointment with Dr. Shields on Thursday (please say a special prayer for that!)

Thanks again for the continued prayers - I'll keep you posted!

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