Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Another trip to the ER for Memorial Day Weekend!

Well, Jenelle just couldn't go longer than a week without a trip to the ER. Just as we began Memorial Day Weekend with some fun at home, Jenelle started crying inconsolably with a fever of 101. It was around 9:30 on Friday night when I put in a call to our doctor to see if they had Saturday office hours - I was convinced she had another Urinary Tract Infection because her crying was sporadic. I really did not want to go back once again to the ER. However, once the on-call doctor returned my call and heard Jenelle's symptoms and recent history of meningitis, she insisted we take her to the ER if not then, first thing in the morning. Dreading the ER on a Saturday morning, I called ahead to find out they were actually not busy, and opted to take Jenelle in that night to "get it over with!"

At the ER, we had the same nurse who admitted us less than two weeks ago, and a doctor who recognized us from a recent visit prior to that. Literally, we've been to the ER at least once a week in the past 6 weeks, except of course for the week we spent at CHOC. They ran blood and urine tests which were normal, and sent us home around 2:30 a.m. The ER doctor felt Jenelle was probably coming down with a "viral" infection (she had a slight runny nose on Friday) which of course would explain the slight fever. Of course with the recent Meningitis, we had to be careful. We slept in the next morning, and thankfully with the help of Children's Tylenol Cold, we made it through the rest of the weekend without a runny nose, crying or fever!

Just a few minutes before we thought we needed to call the doctor on Friday, I was able to "capture" Jenelle's laugh and giggles on a video clip. I've posted the clip at a website I created on MSN under the "Documents" category on the left hand side. Go to the Curran Family Home Plate on MSN Groups to enjoy it (you may need to create an MSN account for free to view it!) I've also posted two "still" photos below that show Jenelle's new smile on this website as well.

Still photo of Jenelle's laugh Posted by Hello

and another smile! Posted by Hello

She has been laughing and smiling daily - though we aren't sure yet what provokes her. Still, the reward of laughter is small, but one we will greatly accept. Our Kidney Doctor appointment was postponed because Jenelle hasn't had her ultra sound test yet, which has now been scheduled for Monday.

As always thank you for the continued prayers. I'll keep you posted!

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