Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Jenelle is sick and in the hospital

I just wanted to send a quick email to let everyone know that Jenelle was admitted to the Peds ICU last night and may be in ICU until tomorrow, and the hospital till Friday. She had some vomiting yesterday with a high fever, which of course left her without seizure meds. Her seizures went out of control in the ER so they sent her straight to ICU for monitoring. She is still not holding down anything, but it being hydrated via IV. She may need a feeding tube through the nose this afternoon if I can't get her to eat. I'm sending this from home as I grab a quick shower, and do not have computer or cell phone access in ICU, obviously.

I will update when I can, which may be when we get home. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers, especially that she can start holding down some liquids and food. We think she just has the stomach virus going around right now.

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