Monday, February 16, 2009



A neutrophil is a type of mature (developed) white blood that is present in the blood. A cell is the smallest, most basic of life, that is capable of existing by itself. White blood cells help protect the body against diseases and fight infections. Neutrophils are essential in protecting the body against disease and infections by removing and destroying some types of bacteria, wastes, foreign substances, and other cells. Neutrophils accomplish this by eating these substances. They are the main type of white blood cell that protect the body in this way.


Neutrophils are made by the marrow (a tissue that fills the openings inside of bones). Neutrophils are sometimes made outside of the marrow as well. After the neutrophils are formed, they are released into the circulating blood.


Approximately 50% to 70% of white blood cells are neutrophils. Neutrophils are the most common type of white blood cell. The amount of neutrophils on blood work tests is known as the ANC (absolute neutrophil count). On most blood work tests, the ANC will be presented in terms of the amount of neutrophils per mm3 (cubic millimeters) of blood. The normal range for the neutrophil count is 1500 to 8000. It is important to keep in mind that the ranges mentioned above will be different depending on the machine used to do the blood test. Always use the normal range printed on the lab report to decide what range is normal.

Neutrophils are also essential for a process known as proteolysis, in which water is added to bonds that make up proteins so that they can be broken down into smaller substances. Proteins are extremely complex, naturally occurring substances made of amino acids that are essential to the body's structure and function.

Still at zero Neutrophils! Please do a dance or whatever to help get them growing for me! Thanks!


Army of Mom said...

Girl, I'm feeling for you. Sending lots of prayers your way. Hang tough.

Anonymous said...

I lit some candles! (Bonfires not allowed here right now - we are in a drought.)

Every day, many times a day, praying for you, Kelly.


Anonymous said...

Did my special "Ton-Ton" dance just for you! You (and family) are in my thoughts everyday, hoping and praying for you to KCA soon.

Victoria (and Darrell too)

Anonymous said...

I made up a Neutrophil dance just for you. I will repeat daily until those pesky Neutrophils show their faces. Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly.

Wow! You're knowledge of cellular biology is pretty awsome. I've been in school for 15 years, and it was a little difficult to keep up with your definitions. I suppose in your blog you are talking about Mycocyclin that your oncologist wanted to avoid. Unfortunately, without the meds, it just takes time and your personal physiology that decides when the Neutros increase. I think you're strong enough to where it shouldn't take much longer. Barring that, you could have a serious conversation with your bone marrow. That last one was for levity.

I always am optimistic when it comes to healing--I believe very much in the awesome power of the human body, and especially constant interaction and support to lower stress and promote heling, etc. I know you have a lot of determination, and that is a big plus! But, a little prayer, or good thoughts thrown your way wouldn't hurt either.

Keep your chin up . . . it's important to keep that positivity going through thick and thin. I know you've seen me struggle with my own stuff. But staying positive actually makes a big difference--I always believed that, and it got me through a lot of tough times in life.
Take care. -Chris