Friday, February 20, 2009

Still too low

My neutrophils are at 200 today, and still too low for them to let me go home. Praying they rise more tomorrow... or the next day...


Anonymous said...

Let's see...pretend you are trying to lose weight, and the neutrophils are your weight. (The opposite happens to me.) Pretend you are rushing to get the bargain at only 200 (neutrophils) only the price keeps rising before you can purchase. Pretend you got on the wrong elevator - the one to the penthouse - and can't get off until you get there (floor 300 neutrophils). Surely there will be some carry-over from your thoughts to your marrow. (That's where neutrophils are made, right? Sorry. I did not know there was going to be a test. Didn't study. I'm good at math, eh? 'Specially word problems. Ahem.)
Praying, too.

Anonymous said...

Come oooon . . . neutrophils! Time to step up to the plate and swing away! Stop playing hide-and-go-seek with the nice lady. It gets a little dull after the 10th or 11th inning.

Actually, I would donate mine if I could--cause, I don't want 'em. They do the opposite for me.

And, to the blogger above . . . yes, they are made in your bone marrow all through life, and make up about 60%-65% of all white blood cells.


Unknown said...

Oh Kelly! We are so praying for you. Are you up for a visit? I would love to give you a big squeeze! Do you need any movies or books? xoxo Tiffany Illingworth

Me said...

Are you trying to say that the hospitality of the billion dollar resort that you are staying in isn't up to your standards?

I mean... gosh, they are putting you up in a room they've tried VERY VERY hard to make LOOK like a hospital room. They even pay actors to act like doctors and you should see how hard the chef's have to work to tone down their cooking skills and pretend to make what will pass as hospital food.

These 'theme' rooms at the resort are really quite impressive though, no?

OK - I'm trying to make you smile. I have visions of Fantasy Island in my head. But still, I suppose pretending it's really a vacation away from real life and you are staying in a lush resort might not work at this point.

So in that case I'm going to wish RISE RISE RISE! vibes to you!