Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some thing is missing...

Or as I like to say, Jenelle is "rocking the Napoleon Dynamite pony tail!" Thought I'd share some photos of Jenelle taken last night to show her bald spot.
Here is a front view of the side pony tail.

Here is a view of her bald spot (where she has literally pulled out all of her hair!)

And here it is from the back - looks like someone just pulled off the pony on the other side of her head!

She was very interested in the camera, but then decided to walk out the door to watch big brother brush his teeth. He uses an electric tooth brush and the sound just fascinates her!


Anonymous said...

I have followed Jenelle's blog for the last few years now. She is a beautiful little girl who has come a long way. I remember when she would not smile or interact. Thanks for sharing her story with us.

baseballmom said...

I came over from your other blog to read some more about Jenelle. She is SO cute--such pretty eyes!