Monday, July 21, 2008

Losing Hair and a Heavy Heart

Just a quick update. Jenelle was sick a week ago with a fever and small cough. Luckily, even with a high fever, her seizures remained very stable. Recently however, Jenelle has been losing a lot of hair on her right side. It started a few weeks ago coming out in clumps, and then we discovered it was because she is pulling at it when her fingers get tangled in her hair. Poor thing has a very small bald spot on her right side and you can definitely see the difference when I put pony tails in her hair (the right side pony is definitely smaller!) I have never attempted to cut her hair, but it is so lopsided it is in desperate need of a trim. Brett thinks its cute and I think it looks more like "flock of seagulls" (for those of you that survived the 80s, you'll know what that means!) Always one thing or another. At least it is only hair, and it will grow back.

Also, I have a very heavy heart this morning. Please keep our friends, the Casey Family, in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn the loss of their daughter and niece Molly. Molly had Hydrocephalus and special needs and endured so much in her short life. She was an inspiration to us all with her courage. We are so very sad to hear of her passing and ask that you send special prayers up for her amazing family.


lesley said...

My daughter does the same thing with tangling her hair in her fingers. So far she has not pulled any out. I notice she tangles her fingers in her hair when she is tired. So off to a nap she goes :)

Ben and Bennie said...

Prayers are now on the front burner. I saw Flock of Seagulls open for Devo sometime around '83 or '84. 1980s retro is coming back so Jenelle will be in style!

Anonymous said...

There is an obsessive-compulsive condition called trichotillomania that causes people to pull their hair out. It can result in scalp infections and other health problems.