Monday, November 07, 2005

Photos of Jenelle's new school adventures!

Just wanted to share some photos of Jenelle's first week at school. Here is Jenelle taking her first ever bus ride! Jenelle rides the lift in her wheelchair.

Jenelle gets a window seat!

Here is Jenelle on her first day of school. This is a photo of the two little girls who are putting toys on her chest.

Here is Jenelle during circle time where her teacher is putting an object in her hand and making Jenelle hold the object - hand over hand!

And of course, here are the kids after trick or treating! Can't you just see the love?

Have a great week!


Ainsley_Jo_Phillips said...

Your daughter is precious, and I'm going to really enjoy reading about her!

I've linked your blog to a blog I've recently created that features links to blogs and blog-entries from around the Blogger/Blogspot neighborhood!

Drop by to take a look if you find time and want to!

AJ :-)

Naomi said...

Great photos. Sounds like Jeneele is settling into the school routine.