Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Update!

It occurred to me yesterday during dinner that I forgot to send out an update before leaving work on Wednesday. I realized that without an update, some might worry that we were in the hospital again. No worries, this is another "no news is good news" update!

Jenelle is doing really well at school, and big brother Jack got to visit last Friday morning. He really liked her teacher and her room. He thought it was very "safe" and very colorful. His teacher said he was a smart little boy (and she's right!)

Jenelle is very close to sitting up, and in fact has mastered rolling to her side and resting on her elbows very well. I was surprised the other morning when I walked into her room to see her sitting on her side with her head in her hand. It was as if she were relaxing or something. She only holds this position for a few seconds, but gets better each day.

Monday afternoon is our 30 day IEP with her new school. I'm confident we will all agree on everything, and I'm anxious to meet her new Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist. That is the only thing I miss with Jenelle taking the school bus now; I rarely get to interact with her therapists, so I sometimes feel out of the loop. She still seems stuffed up, and I worry that she inherited my allergies (just what this child needs, more drugs!) Other than that, at least she is staying healthy (knock on wood!)

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful! We're still waiting to hear from UCLA about the visit to genetics. Thank you for your continued prayers and support - I'll keep you posted!

Below is a photo of Jenelle as she arrived for Thanksgiving... all tuckered out with Grandma and we had only been there for 1 minute!


Kate Giovinco Photography said...

I LOVE THAT PICTURE! It is so cute and she is so stylin' in her leopard dress and her patten leather mary janes!

Naomi said...

what a cutie, must be all the hard work she's been doing on her sitting up.

Callum's speech therapy is now being done at his preschool and I too miss the interaction with his therapist. I try to call or email once a month or so just to make sure that we're on the same page. I suppose it's good practice for when he transitions into the school district in March.

Anonymous said...

So cool! My daughter did the same thing
lying on her side, with hand under her was like she was "striking a pose!" The P/T had told me she would probably never sit up, and when I asked why, she said "because we have worked on it so long." I never accepted that answer and sure enough, after striking that pose for a long time she finally got it, and Jenelle will too! They also told me she would probably never walk...wrong again!! Then she will be sitting and then on to something new before you know it. She is a beautiful little girl.

I have been meaning to post,because I have been following Jenelle's blog for a long time! My name is Janel also, and our (mine and Jenelle's) birthday is just 1 day and decades apart. We (my daughter) have the same Neurologist, I live in So Cal.

mom to Evan 5 yrs
mild c.p.
global developmental delays
idiopathic intractable seizures
keto diet