Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jenelle's 1st day at School!

Well, the long awaited update is finally here… Jenelle started school yesterday at the County program. Grandma Curran came with me to drop off Jenelle so she could meet her teachers in case she needs to pick up Jenelle some day. Grandma was quite impressed. It was absolutely wonderful, and Jenelle really seems to like it. She is definitely in the right place!

Three days a week "typical" pre-school peers (i.e. "normal kids") are in class with the special needs students, and yesterday was one of the typical peer days. After handing off all of Jenelle's supplies (3 day emergency medicine supply, diapers, formula, etc.) Jenelle's new teacher took her out of her stroller and put her on the floor where the other children were playing. Two "typical" girls immediately took notice of Jenelle and held her hands, and put toys in her hands trying to play with her. Jenelle just kept looking back and forth to each girl and really seemed aware that they were interacting with her. It was really cool because I've never seen Jenelle react like that.

After introducing Jenelle, we had a quick meeting with the teacher, nurse and principal. We will be meeting again in 30 days to re-address Jenelle's IEP and change her goals as needed. I talked about the "one thing" the District wouldn't agree to change at our IEP, which was placing Jenelle down as qualifying for "low incidence funding" (additional funding) because of her blindness, and they immediately changed it on her IEP. They told me they like to use as many recourses as they can. I am very pleased with this school, and I really feel they know what they are doing with children like Jenelle.

Later around 3:00 p.m., Brett and I went to pick up Jenelle (so they could meet Brett.) Because of Halloween, she was in her costume as they had a small Halloween party that day. Jenelle won "Best Dressed Doll" for her Raggedy Ann costume which made me very proud. She slept well last night, which means she was very active all day. Jenelle seemed happy to return this morning, and should start riding the bus sometime later this week.

Halloween was a big success for the kids. I have some photos to share later, as well as photos of Jenelle's first day. Thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you posted.

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Digger Jones said...

Wow! Sounds like you found a really good program, there. I take it that you have some sort of expanded nursing care plan for the school? It sounds like you've told them what to look for as far as the seizures and the specific steps to take when they happen and so forth.

I was also thinking that this is disability awareness month, but I'm not totally sure.

Glad things are going well.