Thursday, October 27, 2005

Extra treats for Jenelle on Halloween!

Just a small update - It looks like Jenelle is going to start school on Monday, which is also Halloween. We had some delay in getting all the paperwork signed by her doctors, but now everything is in order and they are excited for her to start. Bus Transportation however will be delayed a little longer. I was told to anticipate this, so I'm not too worried. I wanted to pick up and drop off on her first day anyway, and I promise I'll take some photos to share. We also have an appointment at UCLA next Thursday, so extra treats all around! It looks to be a routine visit, but it will be nice to get some feedback on her new seizures.

Thanks for the support and prayers! I'll keep you posted!


Naomi said...

I found you blog recently and wow what a story. Your daughter is just beautiful and your strength and humor through everything you've all been through is just amazing. I'll be checking back often to read more of Jonelle's story.

I'm in Southern California as well (Santa Monica) so we're almost neighbours ;-)

Naomi said...

oops, sorry for the typo I meant Jenelle

Naomi said...

How did the first day of school go?