Wednesday, August 17, 2005

When does it really start?

On one of my on line support groups, a Special needs Mom talked about how her daughter's second day at her new school "broke her heart." The child is only 3, and actually is more advanced in many ways as compared to Jenelle, and yet, the other 3 year olds laughed at her and "mimicked" her strange movements and noises. This was only day 2 of the "new school", but as the Mommy said, "She fights so hard to do what comes naturally to other kids. She has been poked and prodded and tested and studied. Does she have to be picked on, too?" My heart broke instantly as well.

At age 3, all special needs children go into the school system - for Jenelle, this will happen in October. Though we know our school district will pay for Jenelle to continue her therapy at Blind Children's, we have been warned that they may decide to keep her in their programs instead, thus Jenelle will be subjected to "inclusion" type classrooms as well. Though Jenelle is already amongst "typical" kids in daycare, I fear the school setting will be very different. Kids will be kids, and they will tease.

Until I read the story yesterday, it hadn't really occurred to me that it can start as early as age 3... The teasing. I'm not sure I'm prepared for it. In many ways, I hope times have changed, and that kids are more tolerant and mature. But I realize this will eventually happen.

Today was a better day for the child and the Mommy. It takes some adjustment - but I know, it takes the heart a lot longer to heal.

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