Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mental note to self...

Do not go to funerals when your child is in the hospital OR on your wedding anniversary! Well, as you should know, Jenelle is not in the hospital and is still doing fine, so yes, we went to a funeral on our wedding anniversary. Brett was very moved by it in a profound way and said it was inspiring to be reminded of lifelong love on our anniversary. Ok, whatever.

The funeral was for the mother of a friend's wife, so someone we had not met. She had a wonderful life with 6 wonderful children and 11 wonderful grandchildren. She fought a long battle with cancer. Her husband spoke and said, "she touched my life deeply" and I couldn't help but think of Jenelle.

You often wonder how your life will affect the lives of others. Or, what would have happened if I hadn't gone to school here, or worked there. With Jenelle, I have the rare opportunity to see how her life changes and affects others. She inspires people we don't even know because my email updates are passed along to the masses, or people have found this blog.

Yes, I love Brett. He has touched my life and changed me in many ways, and given me confidence to be the person I am today because of his love. But Jenelle has truly touched my life deeply. Though I know what my life was like without her, I wonder if I would still be the same if she had never been born? Perhaps. But I am a better and stronger person for knowing and loving Jenelle. She has touched my life deeply and has changed me in ways I may never know.

And getting back to that "mental" note to my self (and in case you hadn't figured it out this is not an email update.) Funerals are never easy, and I am of the belief that you should attend to support the living left behind. Yet with a child like Jenelle, I find myself crying for a woman I never met simply because I am reminded of the beauty in life because of Jenelle. Pretty amazing huh?

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Anonymous said...

I chanced upon your blog. Jenelle us beautiful. She and your family will always be in my prayers.