Monday, August 08, 2005

8/8 Update on Jenelle

Sorry that it has been a while since our last update, but Jenelle has been doing really well up until yesterday when she started to run a low grade fever and was lethargic. It appears she has caught my summer cold that kept me at home in bed a day or more last week (which also is my other excuse for no updates!) The good news is that although she is lethargic, we haven't seen an increase in seizures. We've been on top of giving her Tylenol and Motrin to keep her slight fever down and Brett is taking her in this afternoon to Dr. Patel to make sure her ears are clear of infection. If we can keep her fever at bay, hopefully her seizures will stay calm as well and we will not need to make any trips to the ER (our favorite place in the world!) Please say some special prayers for Jenelle this week that she can get over this cold quickly!

In other news I thought I'd give a small update on big brother Jack - he has been hysterical these past few days. We are really enjoying this age of 4 1/2 as it seems he has so many funny comments to make about life in general. Jack attended Vacation Bible School at St. Paul's last week and really enjoyed it. The kids gave a concert last Friday and Brett and I were proud of Jack, who was the loudest kid in the group, and also the one who was always just a bit behind in the songs. It was hysterical when the group sang a song about "you and me", and during the pause before the next line Jack threw both arms into the air and said, "AND ME!" It almost looked like it was planned it was so perfect! After the concert I took him for ice cream and as we drove past the bank, Jack asked me if I needed to get money. When I told him that "Daddy gave me some money" Jack responded with, "That is so sweet!" The next day when the family took a trip to the ATM, Jack said to Brett, "Daddy, it is so nice of you to share your money with Mommy!" Which of course had us rolling with laughter. He loves to tickle Jenelle and make her laugh and has really been a joy this summer.

Brett just called to ask me what anti-biotics Jenelle was allergic to, so without finding out any details, its fair to assume she probably is fighting off an infection of some sort and will be on the mend soon. She has an appointment with our GI Doctor on August 18 to get her permanent "Mic-Key" button for the G-Tube. Many of you have asked why it is called a "Mic-key" button, and the only answer I have is that that is the name on the box that it came in!

That is all for now. Again, please keep Jenelle in your special thoughts and prayers this week that she gets well soon and that we can hopefully stay away from the ER a little longer. Thanks so much - I'll keep you posted!

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