Friday, January 06, 2012

A New Year Means New Resolutions and New Habits

Happy New Year!

Being the "A type" personality, obsessive compulsive, superstitious type person that I am, making and trying to keep New Year's Resolutions really appeal to me. Of course, I never really end up keeping them, but sometimes making yourself a promise to change something in your life is never really a bad thing. One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2012 is to update this blog more frequently, even if there is nothing to say. My goal is at least one update a week.

Here are some of my other "resolutions" for 2012:

  • Attempt something new each month

  • Be more punctual (so far, so good, but this one will fade fast I'm sure)

  • Better Proof-reading of drafts (per my boss's request - this one will take for sure! ;)

  • Strive for healthier habits and more exercise

Not much, but just some things to strive for to better myself. As for the proof reading, that has always been difficult for me. I'd like to blame it on some sort of disability that makes it impossible for my eye to see errors, but alas the real problem is that I'm convinced that I'm perfect the first time. And sometimes I'm just so busy, I just want to get one thing off my desk so I can start another. And sometimes I just lazy.

Jack announced this morning that he has decided on a Resolution for 2012. He is going to brush his teeth every day! This has been problematic for him since the broken tooth the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Yesterday, the oral surgeon removed JD's brace holding in his broken tooth. The front tooth is dead, and will require root canal, but the other is fine, so no extraction or bridge. Great news. I told Jack that another "Resolution" he could make would be to not throw the Playstation and Wii remotes. Here's hoping he keeps both Resolutions. As for Brett simply wants to be able to say on December 31, 2012 that "This year could not have been better!" And of course, Jenelle wants "no seizures". So far, so good (knock wood!)


Brett jokes all the time that he should have put a trade mark on the term KCA. Cancer really sucks, and it hits so close to home for me whenever I hear about it. While we all have a good laugh in "Kicking Cancer's Ass", at times it has not been something I want to tell a young child. Sometimes I say KCB, for "Kick Cancer's Butt!", but for me, KCA is the only mantra.

In September, I learned about a 12 year old girl in my area fighting brain cancer. Reading her updates on Facebook always made me smile because I could see that she had the right attitude to beat it. Her motto - NEGU, or "Never Ever Give Up!" Jessie Rees died yesterday after her long fight to "never ever give up" fighting brain cancer. She was a joy and inspiration to so many, and before the day ended she finally met her goal of getting 50,000 Facebook fans. God Bless you Jessie, and thank you for inspiring other children fighting cancer.


Finally, some photos from Christmas Eve that I promised:

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