Monday, January 30, 2012

Almost made it!

One post per week per my New Year's Resolution. I consider weeks to start Sunday, end Saturday. Well, I almost made it, but I think the "two posts in one week" should grant me some leeway. So, I missed it by two days, we all have faults! ;)

Jenelle had her first seizure of the year on January 14, and another seizure last Tuesday, the 24th. That seizure happened at the end of the school day in her class room. A grand mal lasting 2 minutes, 40 seconds. No need for Diastat, and she slept most of the evening. Hoping this doesn't start a trend.

Jenelle has a new one on one aide at her YMCA after-school program. Last Friday, her former one on one aide came to visit and she was just ecstatic to see her. I love it when Jenelle shows familiarity with people. On Saturday, she and I attended her "year end" party for the Tustin Cobra Challenger Cheer girls. She was just thrilled to see the girls again, and it was fun to watch them do their hair, do their nails and dance to fun music. The cheer leading was such a fantastic experience, and we can't wait to do it again next year!

I'm doing well so far on my new diet to help me lower the triglycerides and lose some weight. The first week was pretty tough; I had headaches I think from sugar withdrawals. However, in that first week, I also lost 3.2 pounds! The second week was much better. The headaches were gone, and I felt like I was fuller at meals, and had more energy. Isn't is amazing that what we eat can affect us so much. The second week I gained back a few ounces, and added some more exercises. Starting into my third week now and I am maintaining a total loss of 2.3 pounds. Pretty good so far, even though I cheated a bit this weekend and ate some candy from the pinata at a birthday party this weekend. :(

That is all for now - we are getting pretty busy with baseball tournaments the next three weeks, and gearing up for Little League. It's beginning to look a lot like Spring! Thanks for continued thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you posted.

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